What good is ye olde sales report for streaming data?

Date: June 3, 2017 Published by

  • An algorithm is only as accurate as the data it ingests — precise analytics and insights require very fine grain data, Saurabh added.
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  • Daily sales reports may be convenient, but they can’t keep the pace with real-time data streaming between organizations, according to Saket Saurabh (pictured), co-founder and chief executive officer of Nexla Inc.

    “You cannot really take a daily sales report and feed that into your algorithm,” he said during Data Platforms 2017 in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

  • Machine learning and DataOps are the most viable routes to understanding and using data steams efficiently, Saurabh explained. “If you think of maybe machine learning or advanced analytics as the application, then data operations is sort of an underlying infrastructure for it,” he said.
  • Via machine learning, Nexla constantly monitors changes to incoming data so that adjustments can be made downstream if needed, Saurabh said, adding that this unbroken chain benefits business sectors from healthcare to eCommerce.