transcosmos now sells “DataRobot”, a machine learning automation / AI platform

Date: June 9, 2017 Published by

  • In order to overcome the challenge, transcosmos established the AI / Machine learning Promotion Office which drives “democratization of machine learning” and kicked off the project, “1 data scientist for 1 division”.
  • Still, it has been a bottleneck for Japanese businesses to “democratize machine learning” as it is a severe challenge to hire and develop data scientists who can master AI and machine learning.
  • transcosmos analytics Inc. , a wholly-owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc. launched an initiative to deploy the world’s most advanced machine learning automation / AI platform “DataRobot” to transcosmos’s Service and Administrations divisions and develop over 100 data scientists, the masters of DataRobot.
  • In fact, AI and machine learning are not born smart.
  • Jeremy will deliver a keynote speech on AI DATA Summit Day 2, scheduled on June 7.