Qualcomm Tests 24-Core ARM SoC for Servers

Date: October 11, 2015 Published by

  • In its drive to enter the server processing units market, Qualcomm started a program called Server Development Platform, which has the sole aim of establishing Qualcomm as a major player in the server and data center industry via its SoC processing chips.
  • The new 24-core ARM chip is custom-built in prototype stage using FinFET technology, without mentioning any process manufacturing.
  • To do this, Qualcomm has started to sample SoCs based on the AMRv9-A chips while starting technology collaborations with both Xilinx and Mellanox.
  • According to Qualcomm, the new SoC is also aimed at hyperscale data center customers, that includes “Infrastructure as-a Service (IaaS), Platform as-a Service (PaaS), big data and machine learning.”
  • The new SoC being tested is proposed for tackling common data centre workloads and machine learning, with testing beginning on Thursday this week.