Petasense: This tiny startup offers a big push to Modi’s ‘Make in India’

Date: August 11, 2017 Published by

  • Other devices like Oximeter, a blood glucose monitor, help you track your crucial health parameters.
  • A real-time multi-parametric view of the industrial assets will help us achieve this,” he adds.
  • This is how he breaks it down:”The general upkeep of machines—be it motors, pumps or compressors—is critical when running a factory.
  • This means that Petasense will help predict when the machine is going to break down well before it actually does, allowing the customer to schedule maintenance work accordingly.
  • The core value of Petasense Cloud comes from machine-learning analytics, which provide meaningful insights about machine conditions based on the data collected.”This gives the customer more control over the maintenance process,” Khushraj says.