Google’s Secret Study To Find Out Our Needs

Date: April 10, 2015 Published by

To address that problem, of course, Google needs to know what those needs are. It’s called Daily Information Needs, but the psychologists at Google involved with the project just call it DIN.Here’s how the DIN study works: Google recruits subjects who agree to report their information needs to Google on demand. In the most recent study, transit needs helped rocket that category to the top... View Article

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Facebook will soon be able to ID you in any photo

Date: February 21, 2015 Published by

Exactly how automated facial recognition will be used—and how the law may limit it—is unclear. Because it is online and free to use, LFW has become the most popular benchmark for machine vision researchers honing facial recognition algorithms. The U.S. government has poured funding into university-based facial recognition research. Learned-Miller’s sentiment is striking, considering that he is funded in part by the U.S. Intelligence Advanced... View Article

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Startup Clarifai’s Machine-Learning Software Can Understand What’s in Your Videos

Date: February 20, 2015 Published by

Now a startup called Clarifai is offering a service that uses deep learning to understand video. In a demo given last week at a conference on deep learning, Clarifai’s cofounder and CEO Matthew Zeiler uploaded a clip that included footage of a varied alpine landscape. Deep learning involves processing data through a network of simple simulated “neurons” that have been trained using example data. In... View Article

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Follow The Data Down The Rabbit Hole

Date: February 19, 2015 Published by

In order to extract meaningful answers from big data, data scientists must decide which questions to ask of the algorithms. Data science is necessary and important, and as data grows, so does the need for experienced data scientists. When it comes to analyzing big data, often we are urged to “follow the data,” “unlock its secrets,” analyze it and expect obscure truths to finally be... View Article

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New to deep learning? Here are 4 easy lessons from Google

Date: February 18, 2015 Published by

One of those researchers, senior research scientist Greg Corrado, spoke at RE:WORK’s Deep Learning Summit on Thursday in San Francisco and gave some advice on when, why and how to use deep learning. Google employs some of the world’s smartest researchers in deep learning and artificial intelligence, so it’s not a bad idea to listen to what they have to say about the space. Probably the most-useful... View Article

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The Internet of Anything: A Virtual Assistant for Your Gadgets, From Phones to Refrigerators

Date: February 17, 2015 Published by

There’s a Siri-like virtual assistant that sits on your smartphone, letting you control your smart refrigerator. The virtual assistant Nigel was named in his honor. Shita says Nigel is smart enough to take context like location into account while determining what you want it to do. For Kimera, the trick lies in building a virtual assistant that’s better than what you can get from the... View Article

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