Microsoft Azure: More Mature Cloud Platform

Date: September 30, 2015 Published by

  • “SQL Azure, Azure Redis, and Service Bus really accelerated our time to market by 12 to 14 months,” said Mike Hanrahan, cofounder and CTO of, an online retail shopping startup, during the event.
  • Microsoft is the first cloud supplier to use Nvidia’s Grid 2.0 GPU as a basis for a new cloud virtual machine, Guthrie said.
  • Microsoft unveiled a new type of virtual machine for its Azure cloud and showed off a broader set of cloud services Tuesday, Sept. 29, in a widely viewed virtual event, AzureCon.
  • With Azure, Microsoft stakes claim against Amazon and Google, touting its ability to serve as a more muscular cloud partner for the enterprise data center.
  • Azure has a total of 500 million Azure Active Directory users, Guthrie said, which would include Dynamics CRM, Skype, and Office 365 users as well as users of cloud virtual machines.