Machine Learning Job Loss or Not

Date: May 26, 2017 Published by

  • Besides Technical potential, Technical feasibility needs to be considered since each whole occupation/ job is made up of multiple types of activities, each with varying degrees of technical feasibility!
  • Similarly, the importance of human interaction is clearly evident in two sectors that, so far, have a relatively low technical potential for automation: Healthcare and Education!
  • In industry many types of activities have the technical potential to be automated, but that potential varies significantly based on % of time spent on predictability and repetitiveness of the job performed.
  • Now Indian IT / ITES is also slowly gearing up to the fact that in some sectors machine learning & AI will impact their revenues thus making significant realignment to their portfolios and jobs.
  • For example though a Salesman’s job may seem repetitive and admin and reports part of it can be automated, it is unlikely a salesman will be eliminated.