IT professionals over 35 need’nt worry about machines taking over their jobs, there are other concerns to tackle –

Date: March 11, 2017 Published by

  • There is no existential threat to the jobs of IT professionals working here at Infosys due to that,” said Gideon.
  • A report in The Economic Times, claims that IT professionals over 35 have a high chance of losing their jobs to machines.
  • Capgemini is using IBM’s Watson to assign project to people – a task that would be done by a project manager or project leader.
  • Speaking to tech2, Infosys’ spokeswoman Sarah Gideon told said that the machine learning platform is not meant to take up any existing jobs, but only to assist professionals in their work. “Our machine learning platform has been around since last year.
  • I spoke to IT professionals who are working at mid-managerial level in renowned IT firms.