Intel introduces an experimental ‘self-learning’ chip to make robots smarter

Date: September 26, 2017 Published by

  • Called the “Intel Loihi test chip,” the processor is what Intel calls a “neuromorphic chip,” meaning it’s designed to learn from its environment.
  • Having self-learning capabilities localized on a chip also has unique advantages over cloud-based systems, according to Intel.
  • The company is experimenting with a new “self-learning” chip that’s designed to learn like the human brain.
  • But Intel’s approach is different in that the Loihi test chip is designed to work and learn locally on whatever machine it’s inside of.
  • “The Intel Loihi research test chip includes digital circuits that mimic the brain’s basic mechanics, making machine learning faster and more efficient while requiring lower compute power,” Michael Mayberry, managing director of Intel Labs, wrote in a statement.