Indians are completing online courses faster than US students, reveals Udacity’s 2016 trends

Date: December 22, 2016 Published by

  • Leaders at, an education startup disrupting learning technologies globally, have observed trends related to online courses in Android, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis in India, US, and around the world this year.
  • The data from Udacity’s salary information partner,, suggests that the highest salaries for students/professionals are in new fields like.
  • Also, the highest salaries are expected for Self-Driving Car Engineers who will graduate in the coming months.
  • However, it is most difficult to find sufficient qualified candidates for these fields.The courses for Self-Driving Cars is expected to garner a lot of interest across the world.
  • One of them is that Indians are completing online courses faster than their US counterparts.Here are some other interesting takeaways:Android Development, Machine Learning, Self Driving Car and Data Analysis were the most in-demand online courses amongst Indian students.In the US, Self Driving Car, Machine Learning, Intro to Programming, Web development and Android Development had the most interest.Shernaz Daver, the Chief Marketing Officer at Udacity says – “New opportunities have opened up for millions of online learners in India.