Huawei launches Enterprise Intelligence to bring AI cloud to your business

Date: September 11, 2017 Published by

  • It provides AI, IoT, computing, and storage capabilities that provide enterprises with more innovative, intelligent cloud services.
  • Also included are general AI services, including API tools for visual recognition, voice recognition, and natural language.
  • Describing EI as “in-depth integration of AI and business services,” Zheng revealed that the service actually includes three types of intelligent cloud services and a heterogeneous computing platform.
  • To make this happen, we have to integrate single-point techniques and apply them, together, in sophisticated enterprise scenarios,” he said.

    “We’re positioning Huawei Cloud as an enabler of the intelligent world.

  • Through Huawei Cloud, we are essentially exposing our most formative achievements and practices in R&D – which we’ve built up over many years – to governments, enterprises, partners, and developers.”