Hortonworks hails open source’s growing relevance to enterprises

Date: August 7, 2017 Published by

  • Enterprises like Hortonworks’ storage and compute processing, broad data ingestion, data governance, and open source support when deploying BDW.”
  • Hortonworks has praised the open source community for helping it achieve such positive revenue figures, with its work on the Hadoop distribution helping more vendors introduce an open source ecosystem to customers.
  • We are on track for our most productive year ever.”

    Other highlights in Hortonworks’ quarter included the introduction of its DataFlow 3.0 product, which allows businesses to stream analytics applications.

  • Its flexible subscriptions for cloud and data centre support also contributed to its positive results for the second quarter.
  • Thanks to growing interest among enterprise customers, the company signed ten deals worth over $1 million during the second quarter of 2017, compared to six similar deals during Q2 2016.