Google Unveils Cloud Video Intelligence Application – NDTV

Date: March 10, 2017 Published by

  • Google Unveils Cloud Video Intelligence Application
    Press Trust of India
    Google has unveiled a cloud-based Video Intelligence Application Programming Interface (API) that helps locate the exact frame from a large video database.
  • Organisations can now use Video Intelligence API to understand key entities and identify when and where they appear in their video content.
  • Video Intelligence API joins the growing family of machine learning APIs that are designed to make it easy for any developer to integrate machine learning into their applications, she added.
  • The API quickly annotates videos stored in Google Cloud Storage with video, shot and frame-level context, she said.
  • On Video Intelligence API, Li said that it can even provide contextual understanding of when those entities appear; for example, searching for tiger would find all precise shots containing tigers across a video collection in Google Cloud Storage.