DT10: Language. Tech is upending the ways we write, speak, and even think

Date: December 6, 2016 Published by

  • The English language is welcoming.”

    Payack’s Global Language Monitor tracks the robustness of the English language, which reached 1 million words back in 2009 and grows at about 14.7 words per day, according to his methods.

  • If the digital world has changed what we talk about, what kind of impact is it having on how we talk?
  • How much will English and other languages transform as machines begin to participate in the world of language in a tangible way?
  • In what ways is it altering English, and how we think and process language?
  • If you read anything about the English language in the news, there is a good chance that it has a headline like “The death of grammar and punctuation?” Everything is falling apart, and it’s all technology’s fault.