Crowdstrike: Machine Learning Can Stop Security Teams From ‘Drowning in Data’

Date: April 19, 2017 Published by

  • That’s where machine learning plays a key role, not only in preventing bad things from happening, but also increasing the visibility based on the amount of data you’re collecting.

    “Security teams are drowning in data.

  • Dixon also touched on another issue that is now well established within the cyber security community, namely the notion of employees being the weakest link within an organisation’s defenses.
  • Security pro or security no?
  • Increasing awareness and investing in training are both essential components of any security strategy, but its that added layer of visibility that machine learning brings which will really help to keep the bad guys at bay.
  • Next-gen technologies such as machine learning and AI are key to cutting through the sea of security data

    Endpoint security firm Crowdstrike believes it’s time for businesses to focus on the new and more sophisticated types of cyber attacks being used by hackers, rather than the more traditional forms of malware.