Cray Storms Machine Learning Market with New Accelerated Clusters | TOP500 Supercomputer Sites

Date: May 13, 2017 Published by

  • The CS-Storm 500GT is a somewhat different animal.
  • Delivered as a fully integrated cluster supercomputer, the Cray CS-Storm systems include the Cray Programming Environment, Cray Sonexion® scale out storage, and full cluster systems management.”

    The more conventional system is the CS-Storm 500NX, which is powered by NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU, the most popular new accelerator for training neural nets.

  • Cray has launched two variants of its CS-Storm platform, which are designed principally for the fast-moving AI and data analytics markets.
  • The new systems can be configured with up to 10 GPUs or FPGAs per node, offering some of the most computationally dense accelerator solutions on the market today.
  • In this case, each node can be outfitted with up to eight P100 SXM2 modules, along with two Intel “Broadwell” Xeon processors.