Autonomous database now, will security follow?

Date: October 2, 2017 Published by

  • There will also be an Express database cloud service and a nosql database cloud service, both available in 2018.
  • Not using the autonomous database meant that database administrators will spend time and resource on fixing issues.

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  • While the autonomous database will be as up to date as possible, there are circumstances where other components might not be also.
  • The autonomous database does not wait for human interaction to get its patches or perform upgrades.
  • It used customer data from marketing, financial and retail analytics workload. Three different set-ups were compared; Oracle autonomous database on Oracle cloud, the autonomous database on Amazon cloud and Amazon Redshift on AWS.

    The tests using financial data turned in interesting results. The new autonomous database on Oracle cloud took 23 seconds and cost $0.04.

Autonomous database now, will security follow?