AI and music: will we be slaves to the algorithm?

Date: August 6, 2017 Published by

  • It’d sound better than Tin Machine, that’s for sure…”

    You can experiment with AI music and its close cousin generative music already.

  • But that is a long, long way off.”

    These startups all hope AI music will inspire human musicians rather than threaten them. “Maybe this won’t make human music.

  • Mark Mulligan agrees. “AI may never be able to make music good enough to move us in the way human music does.
  • The aim [for AI music] is not ‘will this get better than X?’ but ‘will it be useful for people?’.
  • It’s not alone: Los Angeles-based startup accelerator Techstars Music, part-funded by major labels Sony Music and Warner Music Group, included two AI startups in its programme earlier this year: Amper Music and Popgun.