Adlegant creates a new augmented reality app for Edinburgh

Date: July 15, 2013 Published by

Adlegant Creates an Augmented reallity app for Edinburgh

We are exited to announce our brand new augmented reality app in order to promote and easy locate the most interesting points of interests in Edinburgh.

We have created a layer within the Layar app. The layer is called “Edinburgh tourism” and users can easily find the most interesting tourists attractions in Edinburgh within an augmented reality environment. Here is a screenshot about our app.

Adlegant Edinburgh tourism Layar

Adlegant Edinburgh tourism Layar

We have uploaded 60 points of interests so far. We are going to upload more during the oncoming weeks. The users can also see the points of interests in 3 layouts: augmented reality(Screenshot above), list or map.

Edinburgh Tourism Layar layer list screenshot

For each point of interest (POI) there are several actions such as:

  1. Call to the point of interest without type the number
  2. Get the gps route to get the point of interests
  3. Visit the website
  4. Send email
  5. View image gallery
  6. Listen to an audio file
  7. View a short video of the POI
Here is an screenshot of a single POI:
Points of interest Actions

Points of interest Actions

You can check out the app by downloading the app Layar from the app store or android market and search for Edinburgh Tourism.

We are also testing Adlegant’s article advertising in this app in order to test article advertising in a mobile environment. Here is a screenshot about how article advertising fits on a mobile screen:

Adlegant's article advertising in a mobile screen

Adlegant's article advertising in a mobile screen

I hope you enjoyed the post, Cheers!